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                                              STARFLEET COMMAND - MOJAVE FACILITY OVERVIEW


Starfleet Command - Mojave is proud to announce it's Grand Opening Spring of 2020....  

There are several recreational Dry Beaches to run around and play on, with open No-Host-Bars, such as Quark's Tavern,
the Ten Forward Lounge and Bar, the Risa Beach Club Bar, the 602 Bar and Lounge (check the Vendor Page). We have
serious Food Offerings with Delicacies from some of the best known Species, across the Alpha Quadrant, and beyond.
Vendors including the Quark's Tavern, the Atomic Cafe, McCool's, Pho' Ton Noodle Shop, and of course the old stand by,
the Commissary.

(Always check for Opening and Closing times, some are only open during Conventions, Events and Meetings.)


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