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                                                STARFLEET COMMAND - MOJAVE FACILITY


Starfleet Command - Mojave has several Attractions available year round to provide the Visitor a fun and exciting experience, whenever they are at the Outpost. Starfleet Command Headquarters's has a Membership Info Desk, a Gift Shop with SC-M Merchandise for Sale, and controls access to the Starfleet Academy Training Lab. The Outpost is miniature sized version of a full-size Space Station, with Computer and LARP-based Gaming, Entertainment and Dining Areas. With it's own Mess Hall, and several Bars and Lounges, serving cold Refreshments to the weary Space Traveler, anytime is a good time to visit the Outpost. "Starbase 1" also has a themed Escape Room, with a real time Space Station Bridge Simulation, that oversee the comings and goings of not only the Air Traffic, but also the ongoing Missions of the two Ship Bridge Simulations, assigned to the Outpost.
These Ships provide hours of Group Entertainment, as well as great Game Play

(The Lasertag Field provides exciting Group, Team or Solo Games of Lasertag, with safe and maintained Equipment available for Rental. )

                                         STARFLEET COMMAND HQ                LASERTAG FIELD               SPORTS & GAMES

        THE HIVE                 STARBASE 1 SIMULATION                             


(Always check for Opening and Closing times, some are only open during Conventions, Events and Meetings.)