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                                                STARFLEET COMMAND - MOJAVE FACILITY



The Outpost offers a variety of year-round Eatery's, Lounges and Beverage shops. Ten Forward, Starfleet's Main Bar and Lounge, the ultimate place to relax and have a quiet conversation with your choice of Adult beverages (21 and over). The Atomic Cafe, the Outpost's Coffee Shop, serving a variety of Hot Teas, Juices, and of course Coffee. Always opens Early and closing Late. Mon Frere's Cajun Rice Bowls, a hardy meal with all the fixin's, and the Buffet style, let's you create your own delicious Masterpiece. Quark's Tavern, what Starfleet Installation would be complete without one of Quark's Franchise watering holes. Cool McCool's servers a refreshing version of an Earth's delicacies known as Hawaiian Shaved Ice. It comes in two versions, normal and the Adult Beverage, where a shot of your favorite Syntahol, Tequila, Whisky or Gin is added. The Deli featuring a New York's favorite, Hot Pastrami Sandwich.  Pho' Ton Noodle Shop, A delicious blend of Vietnamese and Japanese cultures, combining Pho' Broth which is the heart and Soul of Pho', and Ramen the Japanese StapleThere will also be various Vendors, as well as various mobile Carts, featuring such delights as LED Light-up Toys, Sunglasses and Hats, Popcorn, Cotton Candy and Hotdogs, can be found wondering the Outpost.

                 TEN FORWARD         ATOMIC CAFE         THE 602 LOUNGE       QUARK'S TAVERN        COOL McCOOL'S       RICK'S AMERICANA

                 MON FRERE'S         STARFLEET COMMISSARY            PHO' TON NOODLE             THE DELI                 TOKYO SUSHI BAR            

(Always check for Opening and Closing times, some are only open during Conventions, Events and Meetings.)