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I am a Filmmaker, and I own and operate a Indy Production Company, "iMachine Films" located in Hollywood, California. And as you have heard, I currently own a 2-1/2 acre Film and Event Space Ranch (, in the Mojave Desert, and currently in Pre-Production on several completed scripts for TV. My Company Produces Entertainment Projects covering every Genre Horror, Comedy, Drama, Thrillers, Documentaries, Mockumenteries to Science Fiction and age Group. I have several Completed Projects, as well as a beefy Slate of exciting upcoming Projects already in Pre-Production.
I Co-Wrote Produced and Directed my first Feature, "Interview with an Internet Junkie". My last mainstream Project which I  Produced, Directed, and co-wrote was "Sports Page" a screwball comedy pilot, starring Carl Lewis (Olympic Runner) for the now defunct UPN, it was a mix of LL Cool J's "In the House" with "Green Acres", with a little "All in the Family" thrown in. I have also personally held Crew positions on several MSNBC-style commercials, Tech Shorts, Webisodes and Webserts for Companies, like "Nature Bright",  Capstone Technologies, Chivas, IHOP, and many others. Recently completed work on Projects for Avid, THQ, Kareem Abdul Jabar's Leukemia Foundation, and "Harley's Hill", Directed by Donny Most (Happy Days), starring Chris Atkins (Blue Lagoon), Rance Howard (Ron Howard's Father), a 14 day shoot in Chino Hills. Just finished a Horror Film, "Lucky Bastard" with the Roger Corman Group, Produced by Jim Wynorski. Now splitting his time between the iMachine Films Offices in Hollywood and his Film Shooting Ranch and Event Space, the "RRR Ranch".


I was born,  in Memphis, Tennessee, and at the age of 16, I decided to move to Los Angeles, California to pursue a career in Aerospace. I am a highly qualified Electro-Mechanical Designer, and am well versed in the areas of Computer Technology, and Systems Implementation.  My Careers includes having worked with such notables as ABC (1984 Olympics), Hughes Aircraft, and several Projects for the Department of Defense.  Starting in 1989 I began an 11 year stint working as a Cinematographer, Editor, and Production Coordinator with Yudavision Production, a So. Calif., a high-end Videography service that specializes in personalized Shorts, Corporate Presentations, and local and international TV Programming and Commercials.   Moving into the Entertainment Sector, building Props and Special Effects for Blockbuster Movies such as Batman 2, and 3, Hollowman, Planet of the Apes, Pluto Nash (Eddie Murphy), Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park 2, & 3 and Artificial Intelligence (AI).