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                                                STARFLEET COMMAND - MOJAVE RULES AND BY-LAWS



"We Are Accountable To No One... But Ourselves!"

In keeping with that, the Bylaws are very simple:


Be Friendly, Courteous and Respectful! If you hold a Senior Command Position, please meet your position's required Duties in a timely manner. Failure to do so may result in a loss of Position!

If illness, death or other 'Real World' issues occur, that may prevent you from actively maintaining your Position's required Duties, you may submit a Request to be Temporarily Relieved of your Responsibilities. In that case, it is your responsibility to Contact your immediate Starfleet Command - Mojave Superior, to notify them of your needs. If your Leave of Absence exceeds more than 3 months without a request for extension, your Position may be permanently reassigned. Positions are appointed 'Not Voted'!

If Abuse of Power or Misconduct occurs, it will be dealt with appropriately.

If the Senior Command (i.e.: Deputy Director and/or Marshal) wish a Conference to review a matter, the majority agrees that a mutually friendly time and date will be set to hold a APP group Chat/Conference to address the matter. (It is highly recommended that ALL Division Chiefs and the Deputy Director including all Assistant’s setup a Skype account for Starfleet Command - Mojave video conferences!)

If a Member of Starfleet Command - Mojave is found to be abusing their Power, and/or Guilty of Misconduct, they may be DISAVOWED, and Banned from Starfleet Command - Mojave.


No Spamming! Stay On Topic! (i.e.: Star Trek, Star Trek related and Fan Organization related, unless otherwise Authorized!) And No Bashing! We here
at Starfleet Command - Mojave are a multiverse/generational friendly Fan Group, with Fans of TOS, TNG, Enterprise, DS9, Discovery, Expanded Universe, Fan-Films and yes, the JJ Abrams films! So please keep that in mind when leaving Comments and Posts. Debate is welcome, but not bashing!

Violation of these Rules may result in being DISAVOWED and Banned from
Starfleet Command - Mojave!