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                                                              STARFLEET COMMAND - MOJAVE



The Mission: Alpha is a cooperative Mission, where 5 to 7 Players become the Away Team on a Mission.

The Game is designed to be played by a group of People who are all on the same Mission. The best way
to find people to Play with is to have your Friends join in and form your Team! The best
place to connect with other People who want to Play is here on the Message Board's Online Forum.

How many People can Play on a Team?
Each Mission can accommodate a minimum 6 Team Members, plus the Team Captain. Some Teams can carry more
Members as Tactical Officers as well. The minimum number of people needed to run a Mission is 5, since
the Captain and 2nd in Command, and your Major Department Heads have to be selected, to start the Game.
It’s also possible to have more than one Mission Team on the map (up to 8 Teams). Theoretically you
could have 8 fully crewed Teams (7 people each) all playing on one Mission Game Map.

The Members on Mission: Alpha Teams are:

The Tactical Officer(s) selects what type of Ordinance to fire at whom, and maintains the overall Safety of the Group. Tactical Officers on Missions are
equipped with Phase Rifles, and Pistols. Tactical Officers can also take over secondary Department Duties.

The Science Officer gets to solve the Puzzles and Decipher the Mission's tactical Input . The Science Officer
identifies Friends and Foes, and is the first to know if one of your Target installations is a friendly
Target but has an Active Defense, or is about to Attack.

The Engineer can reprogram the status of the Remote Probe's Systems in detail, and adjust the Power Levels of
different Systems. Engineers have to stay on their toes, particularly in tight situations, either to balance the
Power needs during Operations, or to keep the Dylithium Containment Field from Failing.

The Communications Officer Sends and Receives Command Messages from the Marshal at HQ and relays it to the Team Leader and the other Crew. Communications needs to
work closely with Science to Monitor what’s happening during a Mission, and in Combat Situations get the Command to confront the Enemy
Targets to Disarm.

Last but not least, the Team Captain. The Captain will also need their own Tricorder and Weapon, their Job is to Lead the Mission and keep the Team on Point, and make Decisions about what Missions Targets and Direction to undertake, what enemies Targets
to take out, and is Tasked with keeping the Team Safe.


What is a Team?
A Team is a group of 5 Members, or more, that forms a Team to compete against other Teams for the Top Ranking
on the Leaderboard.

How do I Team Play?
When the Team Gameplay is active, points are added up for all of the Members of the Team and combined for a
total Team Score. Points used in calculation are from Member’s Capturing, Deploying and capture points of their
own Mission’s. Note: Points count for Team Play and for your Personal Account.

How do I Join/Leave a Team?
While the Mission Gameplay is Active, Players may not leave or join a Team until the current Assignment ends, even
if Mission Gameplay is over . Gameplay is locked in place until the end of the Mission. Once the current Assignment ends,
Gameplay is over and Teams may recruit other Players, or change Teams until the next Mission begins. You can only be a
Member of one Team at a time.

If you are invited to join a Team you will receive an message with the invitation details. You can also accept the
invitation directly by going to that Team's page, and clicking the "Accept Invitation" Button.

How do I Create/Manage a Team?
Any Player may Join a Team, but only Team Leader can Create a Team, or be a Team Leader. The Creator of the Team
has the ability to change other Team Members to be Team Leader, invite new Players, and remove Players. Team Leaders
can also edit Details about the Team such as their Name, Tag Line, Logo and Notes.

How are Team Points Calculated?
During an active Mission, the regular Mission Points a Teammember receives for Maintaining, Capturing, Deploying or Retrieving a
Probe, or Capturing a Target on your own, are also added to the total Team Score. It does not matter if the Target was
discovered with or without the Team. They will both count.